Eric Davison is a Wildlife Biologist who holds certifications as a Professional Wetland Scientist and Professional Soil Scientist.  Eric has 18 years of experience as a field biologist in Connecticut, eastern New York and western Rhode Island working with a variety of bird, amphibian and reptile species.

Matthew Davison is a Professional Wetland Scientist, Professional Soil Scientist, Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, and Connecticut Certified Forester.  Matthew has extensive experience providing local, state, and federal permitting support for a variety of projects.  He has supported a number of electric transmission line projects in Connecticut, managing natural resource identification and evaluation, and permitting efforts.  His experience also includes wetland delineation, soil mapping and classification, wetland evaluation, wetland impact assessments and habitat surveys.  He has provided erosion and sedimentation control monitoring services as part of conditional approvals from both state and local agencies.  He has extensive forestry experience related to forest management, management planning, harvesting and expert testimony.


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